About Me

In high school, I knew I wanted to do something creative with my life, but for us elder millennials, social media wasn’t a thing yet. So writing notes and folding the paper into footballs seemed like the next best thing.

I went to college for an associates in science, (Weird I know), and dabbled in the medical field, but I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to make my legacy from.

I got into marketing and sales for the fairs/festivals and livestock industry and instantly knew that is where I belong. I started out working for an awards manufacturing company and traveled the US, (funnel cakes and fried EVERYTHING was had). I enjoyed meeting people in the agricultural industry and love what they do for their communities.

I want to use my education and experience to help fairs and livestock organizations educate about agriculture and how it effects our communities and children, through social media. Hopefully our paths will cross and we can make a difference for your fair.