While I could bullet point my expertise, (resume provided if you NEED those bullets) I’ll spare you the boringness that makes me like everyone else, and tell you..

How I am a stiletto in a room full of flats!

I started designing awards for fairs and in turn, there was a lot of research involved to customize unique items for each unique fair. In researching, I realized how important fairs are to their communities and how they educate and mold today’s youth.

I traveled to several fairs every year and was fortunate enough to bring my 3 children along. There isn’t anything that can replace the smile on my daughter’s face when she was licked by a cow, Or either of my son’s faces when they held snakes and alligators. (Or me getting to pet baby PIGS). And while that was amazing, no matter where we turned, there was educational projects and livestock shows teaching agriculture to the guests.

I joined the Institute of Fair Management through the IAFE, and will graduate soon. I want to use my education and knowledge by focusing on smaller county fairs and livestock organizations that need assistance. The majority of these fairs are ran by volunteers or a limited paid staff that don’t necessarily have the means for a full time social media coordinator, but could use the service if offered in their budget.

Let me help bring smiling faces back to your fair!