What I Do

County Fairs are more than blue ribbons, midways, and lemonade shake-ups. They are a place where we can teach urban neighbors what agriculture is and how important it is through hands-on experience. As our population continues to shift to a more urban demographic, my goal, with the fairs and livestock organizations, is to promote agriculture through social media to remind the public of the key role agriculture plays in our daily lives.

Establishing Goals

No matter the goals, I’m here to help you reach them. I want to get to know you and your organization. Whether it be the fair or livestock animals needing assistance, together we can reach those goals

Customizing a Socially Acceptable Strategy

Once we have the goals aligned, I will come up with a personalized social media plan to outline the goals discussed, as well as a monthly posting strategy to build your online presence and following. 

Building Credibility

In this day and age, social proof is key to business owners and investors, but also with the public (your guests). With a solid social presence, your fair or organization will get the investors you need to ensure growth for years to come.